What just happened? Last week everybody was at school and things were normal. Now everybody has to stay at home and still try to get school work done! But HOW?

This short guide will give you practical ideas to make sure you DON'T STOP LEARNING! Even though school is closed, you MUST keep your studies going. This is a new situation for everybody, so stay calm and try to take control of your learning.


·      You will need to be organised
·      You will need to be pro-active
·      You will need to stay motivated
·      You will need to get support in new ways
·      You will need to keep in touch with friends and teachers


First, you need somewhere to study!
·      You need to find a place where you can concentrate
·      You need somewhere comfortable to sit
·      You need somewhere to lay out your work
·      You need your books, jotters, worksheets, pens, pencils and calculator
·      You might need a device – phone, tablet, laptop or computer

Where can you get some peace and quiet?
Studying in front of the TV is NOT a good idea – you will get distracted.
If you work in your bedroom, or at the table, make sure there are as few distractions as possible.

The time of day when you study is also important. If you are home by yourself during the day that is the best time to study, as nobody will distract you. When everyone comes home it might get noisy! Remember, the biggest distraction is social media, so when you need to concentrate, switch off your phone for a while.


Everybody is different. Maybe you like to work while sitting on your bed, on the carpet, or at a desk. Whatever you do, find somewhere comfortable. If you are not comfy, you will not be able to concentrate very well. Make sure you are not slumped or twisted – you could hurt yourself if you sit in a bad posture for an hour or two.


Find a place where you can put your work down in front of you. If you sit at the kitchen table, remember you may have to move all your things before dinner. If you are sitting on the sofa, maybe get a tray or a big book to lean on.  

Gather all your books and other study materials and keep them organised in a folder, bag or box. Did you miss getting something before school closed? Ask a friend or teacher to email it to you. Can’t get to the library for books? See if you can find an online version.


Being pro-active means that you don’t wait for other people to make you study – you just go ahead and do it yourself! You are going to have some time on your hands when you are not in school, so you need to take responsibility for your studies.

You will not have classes to keep you focused, so you should organise your time carefully. Try to keep the same routine you have when you go to school – get up early, start at 9am, take a break now and then, and set goals for what you want to achieve each day.


This is going to be a strange time! You might find it difficult. You have to keep your motivation going. Remember – all your school work is leading you towards a job, an apprenticeship, a college course or a university course. It will all be worth it! You might feel like there is no point, but look ahead to the great things you can do when you leave school – THAT is the whole point!


When you are at school and finding work difficult, you normally ask for help from your teacher. That is still the case – but you may have to email them instead of speaking face-to-face. Even though you will not see your teachers for a while, you should keep asking for help when you need it.


What’s the best thing about school? Your friends, of course! If you can’t see your friends, then phone them, text them or facetime them. Be patient and kind with each other - everybody will feel stressed now and then.

School is a social place, and you might get a bit lonely if you can’t see anybody, and that will affect your studies. If you are feeling low, contact your pastoral care teacher. They are still there to help you even if school is closed.

If you have questions, problems or just want to get in touch with Kerry or Mark from Routes for All, email us at


To help you to learn from home here are a few handy websites you can use:

SQA MyStudyPlan App ( allows you to organise your time and study for each of your subjects.

You can create an account on Glasgow Life Libraries ( and access books online to help with studying from home.

BBC Bitesize ( contains revision guides for subjects at different levels and also has a guide on how to set up the perfect study station (



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