Stay Motivated

A Routes For All guide to surviving the rollercoaster of studying at home!


Motivation is what makes you do something to reach a goal you have set. When you want something, you are MOTIVATED to get it, or to achieve it. You don’t accidentally win at football – you have a motivation to play well, because you want to win the game.

You need to be motivated in your school work too.


You may not realise it, but if you did well in a subject at school, it was because you had the motivation to succeed. But why?
·      Because you want to get good grades
·      Because you are competitive
·      Because you enjoy the feeling of success
·      Because you want to impress your friends and family     
·      Because you want to go to college or university

Some motivations come from WITHIN YOU, and some come from OUTSIDE YOU. The strongest motivations are those that come from within yourself. When we are small children, we sometimes do things to please our parents, or to get our teacher to approve.

As an adult, you are responsible for motivating yourself to do well – BECAUSE YOU WANT TO DO WELL.

Obviously other people give you motivation – family, teachers, friends – but you need lots of motivation within yourself if you want to succeed. But what else motivates you? Money? Getting a good job? Fame? Wanting to make the world a better place?


As a senior phase pupil, you will not be in school for too much longer – soon you will go to college, university, a job or an apprenticeship.

If you struggle to stay motivated about your school work, think of the reward you will get soon when you leave school behind and start adult life in a course or a job.

You can definitely achieve entry to a course or a job, but first you need to get the grades.

Study hard now, get the grades, and then in the very near future you will get the reward!


School is closed, so you have the whole day to get motivated to do some studying.Structure your time! Use a calendar or diary to organise your day. The school term is not over until the end of June. There is a lot of work still to do.

If you do not do regular school work every day, you will really struggle to get back into it when school returns in August. Keep studying – it is part of your longer-term plan to finish school and reach college or university!


If you are sporty, maybe you want to be the best, or to be a winner.
If you like reading, maybe you have a thirst for knowledge.
If you like creating things, maybe you want to show your talent and imagination.

All of these would be good motivations to focus on your studying too.


Break big tasks into smaller chunks.

It is easier to get motivated to do a few small tasks rather than one huge task!

Be organised. If all your books, files and notes are a mess, your motivation will drop.

You can’t study all day. Take breaks. Get some exercise.

Start each day fresh. If you had a bad day yesterday, it’s in the past now.


Start with a small task to get you going, then move to a bigger task.

Be kind to yourself. But push yourself hard as well!

Play music that you find uplifting, as long it doesn’t distract you.

Give yourself a reward AFTER you have completed some work – like a video game.

TV and social media will distract you, so switch them off while you are studying.


Often when we don't feel motivated to study, we find anything else possible to do to put it off.This is also known as procrastination. The link below has lots of handy tricks to help you beat procrastination and study successfully!


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